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Airbus top manager married to Russian in Singapore

The multicultural event of July is a wedding of the Airbus top manager Josе Corsia and Russian business lady Tatiana Sheremetieva in Singapore.<br>

<p>July 3, 2019 in Singapore there were e a wedding ceremony of the Russian<br />business lady, president of a group of companies Russian-Asian Business Union<br />Tatiana Sheremetieva and the top manager of the Airbus company Jose  Palomo.</p> <p>In this story of love gathered the temperament and traditions of two states, Russia<br />and Spain. In the modern world which offers huge opportunities both in business<br />and in the sphere of human relationship, becomes less borders. Not accidentally the<br />city-state Singapore was played an important role here, an intersection point of the<br />East and West, the gateway to Southeast Asia, where future spouses have met and<br />live today.</p> <p>Singapore – is one of the most beautiful megalopolises in the world, where the<br />urbanism and natural landscapes form a close unit. In the well-known Gardens aby the Bay Jose Corsia made a marriage proposal to Tatiana Sheremetieva. "We have<br />already three years together and decided to celebrate this date with a lovestory<br />photo-shooting. During shooting José's got up on a knee and asked me a question:<br />"Do you agree?" All guests stood, and I hadn't understood at once what happened.<br />But when Jose stretched me a ring, there was no doubt left: "Yes". Other answer<br />also couldn't be".</p> <p>The wedding ceremony which organizers solved in a classical key will be held in<br />the heart of the city, on the bank of the gulf Marina Bay. It will pass in the Italian<br />restaurant Monti well-known for the refined cuisine and a breathtaking panoramic<br />view. The action will become as a multicultural holiday which united traditions of<br />Russia, Europe and Asia. For several hours, the participants will be transported to a<br />beautiful fairy tale, where the bride gets married in a luxurious dress with a long<br />train, which is carried by 4 fairy girls; the newlyweds whirl in a dance to a<br />touching melody from the musical “Beauty and the Beast”, and guests ride boats<br />on the bay lit by multi-colored lights.Guests from 15 countries of the world –<br />Russia, Spain, Singapore, Hong Kong, America, China, Indonesia, Australia, India<br />and others will gather on this event.</p> <p> </p> <p>Sheremetieva Tatiana instagram: https://www.instagram.com/live_your_dream_asia/</p> <p>Pictures are here: <br />https://drive.google.com/drive/mobile/folders/1TEapkv9apZqRUUIdUZElu2HMA8qTPPoP?usp=sharing</p>

elegant swartz

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